Hansel & Gretel Title Graphic

Hansel & Gretel

You stumble across a peculiar house in the furthest corner of the Black Forest and are drawn into a dark mystery. A girl named Gretel and a boy, Hansel, were under the care of an old crone when something went terribly awry. Stuck inside the house, with no way out, if you don’t unravel what happened at the gruesome scene, you may be blamed for it!

Difficulty: Hard

Challenge Level: Difficult

2-8 Players


Recommended ages: 10+ with parent participation

"LuCo Online Escape Rooms deliver their games to perfection with professional voice actors, talented graphic designers and brilliant puzzle creators."

"Our GM was very creative and made us laugh throughout the game. She also gave us moments where we're able to take on some role-playing as well by reading out clues ourselves. I can just imagine the fun the kids would have in this game especially if they get into character. This is yet another very satisfying experience from LuCo Online Escape Rooms!"
- Escapetheroomers.com